Indie Darlings To Adore @ Austin Film Festival 2016

Laura Flannery in “The Golden Rut”


– Laura Flannery is strikingly delectable in her film “The Golden Rut”, destined to rank as one of the most coveted indie actresses this week as well and beyond.
– We will be in for days of captivation as Laura’s both a sweetheart and a vixen in her dual role of Ebby/Alex who intrigues the leading man Scottie in ways he never imagined.
– Having been eye-catching on shows such as “American Horror Story”, we can affirm she’s endowed with an irresistible X-Factor

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Lorraine Farris in “Antartica”


– Lorraine Farris has those seductive green eyes that will be captivating many this week as she heats up this year’s Austin Film Festival.
– Starring in “Antarctica” as a happily married woman embarking on an illicit affair with a charming stranger, Lorraine delivers a compelling and authentic impression.
– With an ensemble of films both long and the short form enchanting audiences on the festival circuit, she’s very much on the radars of admirers.


Lisa Durupt in “The Goodnight Kiss”


– Notable for excelling as sassy, bubbly women onscreen, the vivacious Lisa Durupt is on the path to becoming one of Canada’s finest actresses.
– Fall in love with Lisa who stars as Amy in “The Goodnight Kiss”, the short film that questions the notion that if you knew the ending of a relationship would you not even start dating.
– She’s slated to appear on the upcoming series “The Arrangement” as a rather malicious villain who stirs up trouble for the leading lady.


Alena von Stroheim in “Found Footage 3D”


– Don’t miss Alena Von Stroheim in “Found Footage 3D”, a smart reworking of the found-footage sub-genre which has its heavy dramatic moments despite it being a horror film.
– The enchanting Alena shows her finesse handling the role of the emotionally flustered Amy, whose marriage is crumbling and who has an admirer in the form of her bother-in-law.
– We are indeed fans of this virtuous indie sweetheart who is blessed with a pleasing demeanour and brimming with enchanting talents.

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