Austin Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Jessica Jade Andres


With the alluring looks that would make us stop and stare, Jessica Jade Andres is a blossoming Goddess of the Indie Scene. She stars in the short film “Trunk Space” as Anna who together with her friend Priss (Kate Krieger) picks up a mysterious drifter in the desert. The stunning Jessica is likely to turn at this year’s Austin Film Fest come 16th October with the screening of “Trunk Space”. It’s also premiering at the Atlanta Film Festival which means double the viewing pleasure for movie-goers. In fact “Trunk Space” is enlivening up the festival circuit and we’ll be hooked on the beguiling Jessica for an expansive length of time. Her drop-dead gorgeous features are a potent trait on and off screen so let’s hope her character goes the distance in this suspenseful short film.


Jessica is also every bit the tease in the film “Malibu Road” and she’s divine as soon as she comes into view as the tempting Sally Dorsey. In the upcoming horror comedy “Vampire Schoolgirls”, she’s playing a nun Sister Eunice. Will she make a sizzling entrance as how Kate Upton did by enticing the whole world in “The Three Stooges”? Known for being one of the first models for the clothing company American Apparel, she’s already been on shows such as “The Mindy Project” and “NCIS: Los Angeles. It’s a celebration of women this week and Jessica is the epitome of blossoming exquisiteness.

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