Austin Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Angela Trimbur


Temptress, leading comedienne and all round sassy gal Angela Trimbur is enlivening our planet in the most addictive way. With her enthralling run in films that are brimming with intrigue, she’s primed to shake things up. At this year’s Austin Film Festival, Angela stars in “I Know Jake Gyllenhaal Is Going to F**k My Girlfriend and as always is a scene stealer. As Suzie, she has a boyfriend who is paranoid about her one day sleeping with a celebrity like Jake Gyllenhaal. Well if you had the Goddess Angela Trimbur as your paramour, you had better treat her special in case…..but is he just being overtly suspicious?? Check out the short film and see if Angela’s character does the dirty deed! She’s also garnering buzz for her notable work on the horror-comedy “Trash Fire” and she’s definitely on fire, sparking up conversation as well as wonderful plaudits. If Brie Larson was a deserving Oscar Award winner then Angela too should be in running for multiple awards for her darkly absorbing performance in “Trash Fire”. Check out this video interview of Angela Trimbur talking about her role as Isabel. She actually reunited with Adrian Grenier whom she co-starred with on “Entourage”. Attendees at the upcoming ScreamFest LA will get a glimpse of the phenomenal Angela.

Just when you thought it was safe, Angela stimulates our senses in the teen sex comedy “Laid in America”. She’s frisky and entertaining throughout as Amber, the hottest white trash chick who kidnaps two horny foreign exchange high-school students for ransom. Her charming presence on multiple mediums is only going to get more hypnotising. Come 28 October, Angela takes to the small screen in “The Good Place” and she’s the perfect choice to add off the wall colour to the Kristen Bell series. Todd Strauss-Schulson who directed her in “The Final Girls” talked about being inspired by Angela after seeing her improvised dance striptease routine. It’s her adorable spontaneity that’s made her a standout and for many including myself, Angela is already an inspirational figure.

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