WoodStock Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Kara Jackson


Exquisitely beautiful Kara Jackson is steadily embedding herself into our hearts in both the comedy and drama genres. Starring in “Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine” which screens at the Woodstock Film Fest, a film about the pursuit of teleportation amidst an obsessive love, she’s known for being a natural honesty to her roles. Her soulful eyes will indeed fan the flame of affection as she’s shown on television. Earlier this year, Kara was on the 4th season of “Unforgettable”. She played Rachel Parks, a woman whose sister’s accident is suspected to be one of foul play amounting to murder. Opposite Poppy Montgomery, Kara assuredly sown the emotional strands of familial loss.

The big news for Kara is her upcoming appearance in the comedy “Wilde Wedding” alongside Glenn Close and John Malkovich. The plot has Glenn Close playing an ex-Tinseltown legend who is getting married again at her Long Island estate with Malkovich in the part of one of her ex-husbands. A reunion 27 years in the making, the buzz for “Wilde Wedding” could translate to ardency for the effervescent Kara too. Kara cites funny women such as Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolf and Emma Stone as her inspiration. Kara’s a sparkling face to watch and may yet craft her own piece of history in the industry.

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