Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 19 October 2016

Anne Leighton in “Lucifer”


– The exquisite Anne Leighton joins the ranks of the hottest women to appear on “Lucifer” alongside Lauren German and Tricia Helfer in this week’s episode called “Lady Parts”.
– Don’t miss Anne as Lily, a woman with a dark secret who threatens the life of Lauren’s Chloe after she’s fingered for murder. What better than 2 hot chicks in a slugfest!
– She’s been eye-catching on numerous hit shows, enchanting us notably on “Grimm” and this Halloween she’s set to bewitch us in the scare-fest “House of Purgatory”.

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Nancy Stafford in “Heritage Falls”


– The elegantly fetching Nancy Stafford stars in “Heritage Falls” centred on Charlie Fitzpatrick a very successful high school basketball coach whose relations with his son is rather strained.
– Nancy illuminates the screen as Laura, Charlie’s wife who is a loving mother and gifted at balancing the different personalities in her family.
– Come 21st October, watch the graceful and accomplished Nancy Stafford in “I’m Not Ashamed”, a re-telling of the Columbine school shooting tragedy.


Nicole Dambro in “Pitchfork”


– Nicole Dambro is an indie starlet who has mesmerised us in darkly, fascinating tales returns to leaves us yearning for more of her desirable luminosity.
– She stars in “Pitchfork” which recently screened at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and introduces a new villain in the tradition of Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger.
– With starring roles in upcoming horror features “Alone in the Dead of Night” and “The Axiom”, Nicole is on the rise as a covetable Scream Queen.


Jessica Radloff in “Pitch”


– Jessica Radloff is currently the West Coast Entertainment Correspondent for Glamour in LA with a inviting charisma that’s a draw for the masses.
– She has a kindred spirit in Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family” fame. They have a mutual love of eating pizzas on the red carpet which is now tradition and Jessica is indeed adorable.
– She recently aced her guest-starring role on “Pitch” as the head of PR for Major League Baseball who advances the cause of baseball starlet Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury).


Carolina Ravassa in “Tomorrow Ever After”


– The lovable Carolina stole our hearts in the hit series “The Affair” and continues to be a fascinating face across multiple mediums.
– She can be seen in the quirky comedy “Tomorrow Ever After” which is screening at the 17th Annual Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival this week.
– In her self-directed, edited and acted weekly web series “Hispanglosaxon”, she showcases her comic cred in a variety of kooky guises.


Anastasia Barzee in “Younger”


– After stirring performances as Special Agent Olivia Dylan on the final season of “Beauty And The Beast”, the vivacious Anastasia Barzee dazzles us in “Younger”.
– She plays Claire who together with her friends start a Kickstarter campaign to produce a “Calendar Girls” style of middle-aged moms which Liza (Sutton Foster) is apprehensive about.
– With her upcoming stint on “Madam Secretary” sometime in November, Anastasia’s sassy disposition is odds on to find favour with viewers.


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