Rising Starlet: Pooya Mohseni


Some actresses have that air of fascination and Iranian-born actress Pooya Mohseni has that very beguiling disposition. She’s actually a transgender entertainer who could well be reaching for the stars in the near future. She has a recurring role on “Falling Water” this week and once more we’ll be intrigued by another striking female character on TV. Pooya plays Dr Duria who conducts a study on test subject Tess (Lizzie Brocheré) for some let’s just say shady research. This Inception-like dream/reality science fiction melodrama does throw up a compelling premise. Pooya is enigmatic as the stoic Dr Duria but there’s bound to be some layers to be unveiled in future episodes. Tune in to find out if she’s a villain or is she genuine in the care for her dream-walking patients.

I do have to acknowledge that Pooya is the very first transgender actress featured on this blog and as always it’s an event to be celebrated every single time. So should she be lauded for bravely coming out. It’s about revering humanity and we should all feel blessed for being able to feel comfortable with the gender and body we most identify with. Certainly there has been a boom in the number of scripts calling for trans actresses as Pooya herself has witnessed. She previously appeared on “Madam Secretary” as Samila Mahdavi, an Iranian operative who is in hiding in Istanbul. Casting directors should certainly get her on the show “Transparent” with Jeffrey Tambor. Pooya is the beautiful soul who is thriving on her own distinctive virtues which are aplenty.

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