Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 23 October 2016

Taylor Kalupa and Emma Elle Roberts in “I’m Not Ashamed”


– Taylor Kalupa and Emma Elle Roberts are young talents who are going to be in the spotlight with their appearance on “I’m Not Ashamed”, a heart-felt re-telling of the Columbine tragedy.
– Both these lovely ladies play the friends of tragic victim Rachel (Masey McLain) and are deserving of adoration for they are abundantly genial away from the camera.
– With her alluring facets, one might say Taylor has the X-Factor to rise to the top so expect her name to be mentioned actively in adoring circles.
– Bubbly and strikingly beautiful, Emma Elle Roberts is a genuine captivator with sterling performances that run a gamut of human emotions.

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Jamie Bernadette and Chantelle Albers in “The 6th Friend”


– Jamie Bernadette and Chantelle Albers are genuinely 2 of the most luscious ladies in the horror genre with both starring in “The 6th Friend” screening at Freakshow Film Fest 2016.
– They play college friends who reunite to bond after 5 years apart only to find themselves being hunted by something paranormal.
– With her beguiling presence, indie horror fans can’t wait to see her appearance in “I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu” alongside original star Camille Keaton as her onscreen daughter.
– This year Chantelle captivated audiences at Cannes with her emotional short film “The Visitor” and she’ll bewitch us in “Reawakened” as she faces a rather evil witch.


Kristen Gutoskie in “The Vampire Diaries”


– If ever that was an award for hottest nanny on Television right now then the delectable Kristen Gutoskie would win as Seline, the nurturing au pair on “The Vampire Diaries”.
– As Seline, she’s taking good care of Caroline’s daughters and don’t miss the ravishing Kristen in the very first episode as her character has a memorably eventful (i.e. bloody) scene!
– On top of dazzling the small screen, this Canadian Goddess is also a prodigious indie darling having been a stirring love interest in the must-see film “The Dust Storm”.

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Katie Morrison in “The Blacklist”


– This week the women are having a hold on us on TV and Katie Morrison is one such enigmatic talent who can be seen on “The Blacklist”.
– The glowing Katie plays Lydia a woman who is having an affair with a married man who ends up murdered in the thrilling episode ‘The Lindquist Concern (No. 105)’.
– In her upcoming horror film “Unnerved”, Katie will show her impeccable range as a mother haunted by the death of her young son and something deathly supernatural.


Christina Moore in “Mr. Student Body President”


– Are you addicted to Christina Moore yet? She’s consistently enchanting the online space in the web series “Mr. Student Body President” on New Form Digital.
– She’s an engrossing watch as the no-nonsense Principal Renee Helfrick who clashes with Tyler Prendergast (Jeremy Shada), a most ambitious student body president
– Early this year, Christina also illuminated the big screen in the role of Cassie Sumpter, the bitchy United Animal Protection Agency exec in the drama “The Dog Lover”.

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Valerie Mya in “Feast Of The Body”


– The comely Valerie Mya is known for her onscreen intensity having faithfully immersed herself in the roles she’s played in her career.
– Yet again, she will enthral us in “Feast Of The Body”, the story of a man with mysterious powers who stopped a catastrophic storm with just a swipe of his hand.
– This year festival-goers got a glimpse of Valerie in the drama “The Ashes of Brush Flats” and her polished performance is certainly praiseworthy.


Jennifer Copping in “Van Helsing”


– The talented Jennifer Copping has a recurring role on “Van Helsing” as Quaid, a survivalist in the human-vampire war who most desires her freedom.
– We do have a soft spot for Canadian actress especially since this Leo award-winning entertainer has been thoroughly fascinating in the skin of complex women.
– Having excelled in a variety of dynamic roles, Jennifer’s personable nature will gain her quite the devoted following too.

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