Indie Darlings To Adore @ La Femme International Film Festival 2016

Hannah Telle in “I Live For You”


– As this year’s La Femme Film Fest celebrate exceptional women of the industry, we have to one such talent is Hannah Telle who is destined to be a revered indie leading lady.
– Her mesmerising performance as Kate who threads the lightness and darkness of the human psyche in “I Live For You” is primed to elevate her as an Indie “It Girl” this year.
– Having also enthralled us in the zombie apocalypse short film “Flesh And Blood”, isn’t it time to get her on the hit show “The Walking Dead”.


Breeda Wool in “Erasing Eden”


– Breeda is regularly put on a pedestal of acclaim on this blog as she’s such a versatile actress with a quirky charm that’s undeniable in its magnetism.
– Having entranced with won turns in “AWOL” and “The Boy Who Cried Fish”, she affirms her Indie Goddess stature in “Erasing Eden” as the titular soul-searching Eden.
– She will return to captivate the masses once more come 2017 in the hilarious series “Vice-Principals” having previously fascinated audiences as the lesbian Faith Duluth in “Unreal”.

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Melody Melendez in “Speak Now”


– The female-centric dramedy “Speak Now” extols womanhood and what better than having a beautiful soul such as Melody Melendez to advance the memorable story.
– Be sure to check out the amazing trailer here. Meloday stars as TJ who re-evaluates her friendships as tensions brew at a reunion.
– Ever since she made an impression at the prestigious Dances With Films, this comely and polished performer continues to be embraced by the indie community.

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Deanna Sherman in “Real Mommy Confessions”


– Look out for Deanna to add the funny to an episode (above) on the web series “Real Mommy Confessions” playing a mom whose son is a little sullied with his words.
– She is notable for starring as Grace Todd in Season 5 of Homicide Hunter which garnered 1.4 million viewers on the Investigation Discovery channel.
– With a big slate of features under her belt in the new few months such as the thriller “The Tank” and the horror film “Raw Focus”, the only way is up for the sparkling Deanna.


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