ScreamFest LA 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Nicole Marie Johnson


The alluring Nicole Marie Johnson is making a formidable impact this week as one of indie film’s stirring leading ladies. She stars in “Quarries” as the spirited Kat who encounters hunters with a taste for blood whilst on a hiking expedition together with a group of women. Premiering on Oct 26 at ScreamFest LA this year, the female-centric horror film has all the ingredients to keep you on the edge of your seats. A year of fear fronted by the stellar women of horror such as Nicole is certain to whip up plenty of attention especially at ScreamFest seeing how the festival is dubbed as the Sundance of Horror. In what is a challenging role of psychical and emotional expanse, Nicole showcases her mettle with her performance that adds complex textures to the story of a woman’s dauntless fortitude. Her character Kat’s background of a woman escaping abuse has its significance on her personal journey of uncertainty in life. With women still sorely under-represented in the industry, kudos to director, writer and producer Nils Taylor for championing indomitable women onscreen.

It’s also a boon for fans as we are introduced to burgeoning screen sweethearts with Nicole being joined by cast mates Carrie Finklea, Jenna Michno and many more. An appreciation for Horror has always been in my blood as is the enduring admiration for the women who make the genre such a beloved one. At ScreamFest LA and many more upcoming festivals, let’s all scream for the engagingly gorgeous and cultivated Nicole.

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