Screen Siren Judy Kain


The elegant Judy Kain is dazzling up the television medium with a series of entertaining performances. This week, she returns to her role as Maureen, the often blasé waitress at Langford’s bar in “The Odd Couple”. In the episode ‘Food Fight’, her repartee with Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) is a humorous one as he tries to put some vigour into the soul of her character Maureen. Him trying to put a smile on her face has some priceless moments to grin about and Judy is a natural when it comes to the art of comedy. Her pleasing assuredness on screen also extends to dramatic roles. This year alone, she’s guest starred on a number of hit shows including “Jane The Virgin, “Aquarius” and “Hand Of God”. In 2017, she returns to the comedy genre in “The Mindy Project” on Hulu which means we’ll be in some streaming fun.


A superlative actress with over 100 TV and film projects, Judy exemplifies the fidelity she has for her craft which can only lead to steady success. In fact she’s an award-wining acting coach who is grooming the next generation of eloquent actors. Don’t miss Judy in the upcoming second season of “Hand of God” on Amazon which has been billed as an engaging, original, quirky, and thought-provoking drama. She plays Judge Stanton who is much more collected as compared to corrupt judge Pernell Harris (Ron Pearlman) who can be a bit irrational, especially seeing how his son is in a coma. The solid writing is elevated by the strong work of the cast and one can concur Judy is top-notch. Let’s all salute Judy, a virtuoso of the acting world.

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