Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 27 October 2016

Nadine Crocker in “Supergirl”


– Her most sizzling debut on “Supergirl” should ensure fandom from all corners as the luscious Nadine Crocker heats up the Second Season.
– Nadine plays Scorcher, an alien with crosshairs on President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) and eventually Supergirl. Nadine proves she’s just as alluring being evil onscreen!
– Already a coveted actress, her stunning comeliness is matched by her effusive grace having recently labelled me as handsome. We can’t help but be passionate about the darling Nadine.

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Jessica Chaffin in “Man With A Plan”


– The talented Jessica Chaffin is bound to make waves this week as she elicits belly laughs on yet another TV show, having shone in several web series and features films.
– Jessica has a recurring role on “Man With A Plan” as Marie, a fellow parent that Matt LeBlanc’s character always comes to seek advice and just like him is pretty stressed out.
– Impeccable as a number of kooky, unconventional women, she’s already guest-starred on “Mike And Molly” this year and there’s still more to come from this brilliant comedienne.

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Rachel Amanda Bryant in “Jet Set LA”


– Her short film “Jet Set LA” screens at the Bram Stoker Film Fest in England and Europe is going to have a growing fondness for the fetching Rachel Amanda Bryant as will the world.
– It’s her sparkling turns across genres such as horror, drama and comedy that will Rachel having a desirable connection with audiences.
– On the web, the luminous Rachel is the host of “Cosplay Cuisine,” a cooking show that features new cosplay and recipes inspired by different films and television.


Naomi Snieckus in “Mr D”


– The glowing Naomi Snieckus is a multi-talented entertainer with the easy-going appeal that we find so attractive in our admiration for Canadian actresses.
– She’s returns as the enchantingly offbeat Bobbi Galka in the 5th Season of “Mr D” and it’s apt that’s she’s notable as the Queen Of Comedy for her immaculate comic timing.
– Don’t miss her in “The Swap” as Coach Carol who has to deal with the eccentric behaviour of Peyton List’s Ellie who has magically swapped bodies with her classmate Jack Malloy!

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Stephanie Stevens and Baby Norman in “Horror Hotel”


– Both Stephanie Steven as well as Baby Norman will impress us with their sexy and impressive turns in the anthology film “Horror Hotel The Movie”, just in time for Halloween.
– The luscious Stephanie Steven appears in the dual role of Alien Girl Aeliana and Betty Lou with this blue-eyed blonde being such a visual delight.
– It’s undeniable that Baby Norman is a seductive vision from head to toe and in “Orphan Black” fashion she’s sublime as 5 clones of varying personalities.

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One thought on “Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 27 October 2016

  1. This is such a wonderful review of so many talented and beautiful actresses! Thank you for choosing me to be in there with these lovely dolls! And for your awesome and loving blog!!

    Baby Norman

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