FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Mikayla Gibson


Halloween is just around the corner and the time is ripe to cherish the comely Mikayla Gisson, a genuine sweethearts of the indie horror genre. She stars in the gripping film “Bethrothed” as Audra West, a college student kidnapped by a crazy family. They forced her to be a bride for one of their sons and that’s when the rollercoaster of torment falls on Audra. Mikayla’s dedication to the intense scenes is prominent as her character is put through emotional and physical tribulations. Mikayla is nominated for Best Actress In A Feature Film at this year’s FANtastic Horror Film festival in San Diego and it’s a positive recognition of her budding talents. She’s surely a darling on the cusp of adoration.


I just came across the addictive song “Say It” by Echos on youtube and we can Say It that Mikayla herself could be fondly remembered in the coming months. Especially since “Moments of Clarity”, another of her films is making a big impression on the festival circuit. It’s great to see her starring alongside Lyndsy Fonseca and Kristin Wallace whom I’ve featured numerous times on this blog. Mikayla is also in the cast of “The Labyrinth”, the upcoming horror-fantasy which stars James Franco. The eye-catching Mikalya is steadily making a success of herself and is ready to illuminate the planet.

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