TV Vixens To Crave – 29th October 2016

Shakira Barrera in “Those Who Can’t”


– Shakira Barrera is spicing up TV Land with Maria Thayer in this week’s rip-roaring episode of “Those Who Can’t” and affirms why we need more fiery Latina characters.
– She plays Inez, the tough, trash-talking lesbian gangbanger with sassy acumen, as she tangles with Loren (Adam Cayton-Holland) having recruited Maria’ Abbey Logan.
– A strikingly engaging emerging talent and with a string of upcoming indie films, The Nicaraguan-born Shakira is sure to make a name for herself.

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Hannah Barefoot in “Good Girls Revolt”


– The themes of glass ceilings and the struggles of women in the workplace in the 1960s of “Good Girls Revolt” will resonate with viewers as will the luscious Hannah Barefoot.
– She has a recurring role as Diane on the new Amazon series and she’s a fox in those vintage threads whilst speaking her mind to the boys.
– Hannah is also a rising indie star and she can be seen with fellow cutie Abby Wathen in the horror film “Besetment” which is currently scaring the festival scene.

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Carly Brooke in “Younger”


– Don’t miss kissable cutie Carly Brooke in her recurring role as babe in the woods assistant Becky in “Younger” alongside Sutton Foster.
– Carly is a delight as Becky, the temp who at times ruffles the feathers of the always strained Diana (Miriam Shor) and has an affinity with tech genius Bryce Reiger (Noah Robbins).
– With her mesmerisingly sweet voice and bubbly charms in the vein of actresses such as Piper Perabo, she’ll have admirers lining up in a beeline in the months ahead.

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