Scream Queens To Adore @ FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2016

Nicole Kreux & Paula Marcenaro Solinger in “Paranormalice”


– Acknowledged as one of the most gifted actresses in the indie horror genre, Nicole Kruex is enticing in the anthology film “Paranormalice”.
– In the segment The Virgin Witch of Mosswood, Nicole plays Alice Parsons, a woman who is accused of witchcraft by villagers as madness and tragedy take over.
– She is nominated for the Best Actress in A Feature Film award which is a recognition of her innate talents at crafting the expanse of the characters she essays.

– Paula Marcenaro Solinger is a genuine darling and this Argentina-born doll has all the makings of one of the most enchanting faces in indie horror.
– She’s dangerously sexy in the segment Evil She as Valerie, a gorgeous woman pursued by a crooked politician for sex who will soon realise her bloodthirsty nature.
– A nominee for Best Supporting Actress in A Feature Film award, Paula is one of the gems in independent horror notable for excelling in the darkness and lightness of stirring women.

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Melantha Blackthorne in “Krampus: The Devil Returns”


– Canada’s most distinguished Scream Queen and Indie Darling, Melantha Blackthorne is a certified Goddess of the screen idolised by fans around the globe.
– She’s up for the Best Actress Award In A Feature Film for her role as Natasha in “Krampus: The Devil Returns”, adding her sassy sensuality to the fright flick.
– Consistently an enchanter in diverse roles throughout her career, she Melantha continues to re-invent herself as a Terror Hottie we can’t get enough of.

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Sheri Davis in “Across Stars”


– Indie film’s rising starlet, the curvaceous Sheri Davis is tempting audiences across multiple genres with her latest feature up for multiple awards at this year’s FANtastic Horror Film Fest.
– You will be enraptured by her in the fantasy short film “Across Stars” as she takes on the guise of a fairy which has earned her a Best Actress In A Feature Film Award nomination.
– Her portrayals of complex characters is admirable, most notably in a thought-provoking roll-reversal as a damaged transgender in “Snake With A Human Tail”.

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Lynn Lowry in “Talk Of The Dead” and “The Neighbours


– We will be treated to double the viewing pleasure as Lynn Lowry stars in 2 films, one about a zombie pandemic and the other a tale of psychopaths living next to you.
– In “Talk Of The Dead”, she’s Victoria Winkelhauser, the CEO of a company who sparked the zombie apocalypse and in “The Neighbours”, she goes mental as the deranged resident Sister.
– A consummate and versatile actress, it’s fitting to see her garner 2 Best Actress Award In A Feature Film nominations for both these macabre films.

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Nadia Lanfranconi in “Aberrant”


– What’s more scary than flesh-eating zombies? That would be ravenous vampires and the saucy Nadia Lanfranconi plays one in the short film “Aberrant”.
– This Italian-born beauty sizzles as the vamp Nicoleta who surprises a desperate couple escaping the blood-thirsting waves of the walking dead.
– Potently mesmerising on film, she’ll be exhibiting her tantalising factor as an actress, model,host and musician for years to come.


Jessica Messenger in “Rats”


– Jessica Messenger shows her sultry side as Jess, the student who incites the lust of the married teacher Bill in the short film “Rats” which is nominated for Best Cinematography.
– UK’s fastest rising talent of indie films, Jessica is undeniably delectable and has shone in everything from an endearing romantic leading lady to a valiant Final Girl.
– Her upcoming feature “Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse” should sealed her status as a coveted actress as she will be eye-catchhing as Mira, the gorgeous muse of an unstable photographer.

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Meghan Chadeayne in “Homewrecked”


– There’s plenty of superlatives to describe the sensual, charismatic Meghan Chadeayne who is adept at playing both heroines and villains in independent films.
– Her role as Macy in “Homewrecked” is one of intensity and edgy captivation as she goes from a woman seemingly seeking aid to a malevolent home crasher.
– Many will remember her scene-stealing scenes in the ultra-bloody “Naked Zombie Girl” and she’s on the ascendency as a prized indie talent.

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