Horror Hotties To Crave in 2016 & Beyond

Hannah Fierman in “Siren”


– Hannah Fierman is undeniably one of the most buzz-worthy faces in independent horror and after watching the absorbing trailer of “Siren”, we’ll all be under her spell.
– In Greek mythology, sirens were creatures who lured men to their death and the phenomenal Hannah is dangerously alluring as the she-demon Lily.
– We do adore the distinctive talents of the world and just like in the music world where Aurora has an offbeat charm, the gifted Hannah is a unique sensation on film.

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Emily Jackson in “Incarnate”


– Demonic possession features will never go out of style so don’t miss the comely Emily Jackson in the upcoming “Incarnate” which delivers a fresh spin on the sub-genre.
– She stars as Riley who is part of the team that Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) assembles to rid the evil within a possessed young boy by going into his mind.
– This rising indie starlet is set to be an enthralling vision as Christine, the captivating love interest who makes an Italian actor weak at his knees in “American Fango”

Kate Siegel in “Hush” and “Ouija 2”


– With her movie “Hush” touted as a must-see on Netflix, Kate Siegel is mesmerising as Maddie, a deaf author fighting for her life after a masked man invades her home.
– The divine Kate has a cameo in the creepy “Ouija 2” as Jenny Browning who believes she’s getting ripped off by a fortune teller at a seance.
– It’s only a matter of time before her stellar performances are met with a string of accolades as the world celebrates her beguiling dexterity on film.

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