TV Vixens To Crave – 4 November 2016

Jennifer Gibson in “Kim’s Convenience”

actress jennifer gibson kim's convenience

– Canadian sweetheart Jennifer Gibson has the lovable disposition that will see audiences cherish her with fondness especially since she’s vibrantly eye-catching on TV this week.
– Jennifer is a whiz with accents and she sports a Russian one as the foxy redhead Illyanka in Wingman, the entertaining episode of Korean-Canadian comedy “Kim’s Convenience”.
– She’s slated to star in the action-drama “High Rise Rescue” next year and it will be great to see the ravishing Jennifer alongside Catherine Bell of “The Good Witch” fame.

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Ellen Dorrit Petersen in “Aber Bergen”

actress ellen dorrit petersen aber bergen

– The luminous Ellen is a rare breed of phenomenal actress who is making a stirring impact in both the Norwegian and world film markets.
– She’s currently bewitching viewers in Norway as tough prosecutor Elea Bergen Wessel who is known for the verbal sparring with her ex in the TV series “Aber Bergen”.
– Having delivered an award-winning performance in “Blind”, Ellen also caught the eye this year as a woman who hires her maid to be a surrogate mother in the horror flick “Shelley”.

Emma Hunter in “Mr D”

actress emma hunter mr d

– Emma is bringing the smiles to television with her kooky charisma as the happy-go-lucky Nisha in the comedy series “Mr D”.
– This week’s episode sees her character in the wars as she plays double dutch on the school playground. As she collects her bloodied battle scars, we all can’t stop laughing.
– Emma’s scene stealing moments on “Mr D” has to rank as one of the funniest ever and is a testament to her impressive aptitude as a celebrated comedy star in the making.

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Ally Iseman in “American Housewife”

actress ally iseman american housewife

– Ally’s appearing on “American Housewife” playing a self-obsessed Westport Mum who is embarrassed by her daughter’s drawing as it reveals that she’s an alcoholic.
– She is the accomplished co-writer/producer of “Wedlocked”, the LGBT comedy about gay divorce that has garnered loads of attention on many film festivals.
– Her approachable facets are genuinely appealing as is Ally’s ingenuity as a storyteller, crafting narratives that reflect the complexities of human life.


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