Canadian Vixen: Jenny Raven

actress jenny raven len and company

Canada’s most luscious talents are destined to be adored and the delectable Jenny Raven is soon to be enamored across film,television and the web. She can be seen alongside Juno Temple and Rhys Ifans in the indie dramedy “Len And Company” which premiered at TIFF this year. Still going strong on the festival circuit, the story centres on a successful music producer on a self-imposed exile. She also did a heist thriller called “Cold Deck”. The hottest news for Jenny is her upcoming role on the “Flatliners” reboot which will see her alongside original star Kiefer Sutherland as well as Nina Dobrev and Ellen Page.

The small screen has certainly been wondrous thanks to the ebullient Jenny. She guest-starred on “Private Eyes” as Kristy Greene-Garvey, the newly married cousin of Cindy Sampson’s character P.I. Angie Everett. Check out the episode here. As Kristy, Jenny is lovable and she glows in every scene. Enough reason to suggest our fondness for her is set to grow in the months ahead. Jenny also had a recurring role on the raunchy show “The Girlfriend Experience” as law associate Mary Lynn Rajskub’s assistant.

She’s appeared in some of my favourite shows including “Lost Girl”, “Warehouse 13” and “The Listener”. In “The Listener”, she played Raven Masters, a Master Chef taking part in a reality cooking competition that turns deathly. One of the contestants dies and Raven is of course fingered as a suspect seeing how she’s the new frontrunner to win. Of course, the murderer was someone else who was obsessed with her winning the whole thing. Why wouldn’t anyone be seeing how Jenny is blessed with such comely facets. Do take the time to watch Jenny in the web series “V Morgan Is Dead”. Office wear cannot mask just how delish she looks.

Fun fact: Jenny is actually fluent in Cantonese and grew up in Hong King. Seeing how I have a Cantonese heritage on account of my dad, i would love to get some lessons from Jenny someday. Meanwhile let’s start falling in love with the vivacious honey Miss Jenny Raven.

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