Sizzling Actresses To Love At American Film Market 2016 – Part 1

Felicty Price in “Bad Girl”


– Acclaimed Australian Actress Felicity Price is a must-see in “Bad Girl” as Michelle, a mother whose adopted daughter Amy fights from being displaced by her new best friend Chloe.
– We can’t wait to laud “Bad Girl”, the intriguing female driven thriller fronted by edgy characters and credibly fleshed out by the eloquent Felicity as well as the cast.
– The versatility of Aussie Screen Sirens have long captivated audiences worldwide and the polished Felicity likewise is endowed with a rich vein of enthralling traits.

Krystal Ellsworth in “Heartbeats”


– Krystal Ellsworth is the very personification of a living doll and she will be a revelation in the dancey American meets Indian feel good romantic movie “Heartbeats”.
– She stars as Kelli, a feisty American hip hop dancer who travels to India and falls in love with a new style of dance as well as the man who introduced it to her.
– Releasing in 2017, it could be a breakout year for Krystal as she could be the leading lady that re-defines dance movies which are globally revered thanks to the “Step-Up” franchise.

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Brinke Stevens and Darcy DeMoss in “Trophy Heads”


– Scream Queens have been our idols for years and it’s a must to pay tribute to Brinke Stevens as well as Darcy DeMoss who have graced the horror world with distinction.
– This luscious duo play themselves in “Trophy Heads” as they are targeted by an obsessed fan who makes them relive some of their famous scenes with bloody consequences.
– Brinke Stevens is renowned for shining in the duality of women be it villain or heroine onscreen and this raven-haired legend of horror is still a big draw today.
– Dary DeMoss scintillated the horror genre as well as the small screen and has entrenched herself as one of the most enticing women in show business.

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Kabby Borders in “Coming Through The Rye”


– Rising Starlet Kabby Borders recently made a dazzling splash in 2 TV movies namely “Dam Sharks” and “They Found Hell” on SyFy.
– Don’t miss the beautiful Kabby as the teen temptress Maureen in the coming-of-age film “Coming Through The Rye” and how we love our precocious women on screen.
– She’s set to be eye-catching alongside BooBoo Stewart in the comedy “Pitching Tents” set during a turbulent time in the 80s. Rest assured, Kabby would look enchanting in any era.


Beth Grant & Allie Gallerani in “In Dubious Battle”


– Catch Beth Grant and Allie Gallerani go vintage in the James Franco-directed film “In Dubious Battle” set in the the 1930s, during a time of labor movement for farm workers.
– Both these talented ladies will re-unite with James Franco in his upcoming thriller “The Institute” which of course he’s flexing his directorial muscle once more.
– Known for her amazing work as the eccentric Beverly on “The Mindy Project”, be in awe of Beth’s quirky appeal in the web series “Last Will & Testicle”.
– The fetching Allie recently played Hannah, an amish women desired by many suitors with luminous grace in the comedy series “Deadbeat”.

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