Sizzling Cutie: Victoria Levine

actress victoria levine feast of fear

We often become attached to the allure of indie actresses and Victoria Levine has the comely, engaging glow that attracts affection. She stars in “Killjoy’s Psycho Circus” which is screening at the American Film Market 2016. This is the latest in the crude-spewing killer clown franchise that has gained quite a following. From horror to the risqué, Victoria has the effervescent verve to sway us into lavishing attention on her. It’s no wonder she beguiled us on Showtime’s raunchy BDSM series “Submission” as Jules who offers a place to stay for protagonist Ashley (Ashlynn Yennie). Her dauntless approach to playing a woman saddled with secrets and exploring her sensuality needs to be celebrated.

Victoria also stars in the upcoming “Feast Of Fear” that tells of a group of students making a deal with a collector of souls to gain their heart’s desires. What they will discover is the terrifying price they have to pay!

Here’s Victoria revealing very interesting facets about her role in “Feast Of Fear” as well as her other films:

In Feast of Fear, I play the carefree party girl Sherrie. She very much leaps before she looks and, because of that, is the root of most of the problems that the other characters face in the film. John Lechago, the director, gave me a lot of creative freedom with this that manifested in some very unexpected, and entertaining, ways.

Feast of Fear was really a blessed production. Not every set is like that. Everyone worked amazingly well together. John has a knack for bringing wonderful people together. The cast and crew became close friends. Disney trips were involved. We held hands and sang kumbaya… No, but really. We were all excited for a reason to come back together again to film pick-ups. Wonderful team! We also got the opportunity to work alongside true veterans of the screen- Robert Davi and Clint Howard.

I definitely faced some of my fears while shooting this film. There is a scene where I get completely covered in cow intestine, which I thought was a prop made by our amazing gore MUA’s. Joke’s on me! They presented real, bloody, soupy intestines to me on dry ice. I could tell immediately by the smell! It was an amazing visual and paid off! Definitely a test of willpower, gut-power, and mindfulness – I’ll tell you that!

actress victoria levine satisfaction

As for other projects, I was in another horror movie called Prom Ride. I played one of the leads, Leah. Her friend group is on their way to prom when the worst of all things happen- they are kidnapped and watch as some of their group die horrific deaths. Leah is your very sweet girl next door but she has this internal struggle which is separating her a bit from her group. Prom Ride touches on a few LGBT issues. My character is weighing the options of revealing her true sexuality and how her relationships with her friends and family and society might change.

I am also collaborating with John again! This time, we will be working on a very, very experimental comedic feature. The rest is secret so that’s all I can say for now.

I starred in the first season of a wonderful, supernatural comedic series called Remainder One. I play an incredibly sarcastic, snarky vampire named Tess. She views life like a chessboard. Extremely sneaky character. The series was created by Olivia Bello, who also stars as the lead, Jaz.

I’m also in a film noir short written and directed by JD Glasscock entitled A God Among Sheep, which I’m really excited about. It’s one of my first chances to work with JD, whose films have won numerous awards at festivals. It will explore the very dark edges of human psychology. It will challenge me as an artist. That’s all I can say. Intense is a… Light word.

Look out for the fetchingly gorgeous Victoria to arise as a face to attract quite the avid of interest both on film and television.

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