Sizzling Actresses To Love At American Film Market 2016 – Part 2

Elaine Hendrix and Rachel Risen in “Swing State”

actress elaine hendrix swing state
actress rachel risen swing state

– In keeping with the current tumultous political climate, it’s a joy to watch the political satire “Swing State” and be entranced by Elaine Hendrix and Rachel Risen.
– Elaine is exceptionally funny and tempting as conservative firebrand Ann Alcott who rouses the life of liberal Seattle DJ Ethan Smith (Alex Beh). She’s a riot in the sexy black lingerie!
– Consistently captivating on film/television and showing generosity towards important causes, if we had our way, we would love to have Elaine be in the running for President too.
– Rachel may be in a supporting role in “Swing State” yet there’s so much that we find so heavenly about this genial multi-platform entertainer.
– Most prominent for headlining hit web series “The Hayley Project” and “The Temp Life”, Rachel is imbuing the film world with her charms in the next few months.

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Laura Heisler in “We Go On”

 actress laura hoister we go on

– Smart horror films are those that neccesitates substantial debates and Laura Heisler is sublime in the existential supernatural drama “We Go On”.
– She stars as Alice, the girlfriend of Miles (Clark Freeman) who offers $30,000 to anyone who can furnish proof that there’s life after death which leads to tragic circumstances.
– A solid performer on the independent film scene, the delightful Laura is also enlivening the small screen having guest-starred on “Madam Secretary” early this year.

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Mackenzie Meehan in “My All-American” aka “Courage”

actress mackenzie meehan my all american

– The luscious Mackenzie Meehan might have a supporting role in “My All-American” (Courage) yet we can envision her being a head turner in her role as Nurse Fuller.
– She was of course part of the trio of actresses which include Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple who enchanted us in “Vinyl”. Mackenzie dazzled as the A&R executive Penny.
– On film and theatre, she’s often be commended as strikingly captivating in the productions, aptly adding textures to her character arcs.


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