Actress Spotlight: Chelsey Reist

actress cheesy reist aftermath

The vivacious Chelsey Reist is a perennial charmer on this blog and is an esteemed Canadian talent whipping up avid interest. You definitely will want to keep your eyes on her especially since she guest-stars on “Aftermath”. She appears as Anna, a woman whom the Copeland family encounter as they try to make sense of the apocalyptic end of civilisation. Certainly Chelsea’s character Anna’s own trajectory in the episode ‘What the Thunder Said’ culminates in quite the tragedy. Her happenstance of meeting other survivors seemed doomed from the start. The consequences of her actions lead to strife which might just prove to be detrimental to her survival. Chelsea impeccably delivered on both the emotional and physical fronts which should garner her even more fans. Her relatable effervescence is a delight and she’s one of the true sweethearts of the film industry.

Most of you will know her as the dauntless Harper McIntyre from the popular show “The 100” who has been through all manners of distress. Being trapped in a cage, strapped to a gurney and drilled to almost a deathly end, Harper has braved unspeakable act. Despite having such a tumultuous journey with each episode, Harper somehow crafts a way to survive. She’s a trooper and we can’t wait to see the lovable Chelsey return on the 4th Season of “The 100”. She’s also effortlessly ravishing as you can see from the video (above) of her appearance on the talkshow “Noches Con Platanito” alongside co-star Richard Harmon. Chelsey does play a mean game of dessert hockey! Her status as a coveted entertainer can’t come soon enough and Chelsey’s enchanting facets are her to entice us forevermore.

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