Actress Spotlight: Melody Peng

actress melody peng jane the virgin

Such is the wealth of comedic talents on television right now, we can’t help but passionately highlight the ebullient traits of actress Melody Peng. She guest-stars on the latest episode of “Jane The Virgin” as the efficient bank manager Caitlyn. She gets on the nerves of Xiomara Villanueva (Andrea Navedo) a.k.a Xo who was on her first day as a bank teller. Check out her reel (above) for segments from “Jane The Virgin” as Melody is such a delight even though she’s playing the annoying Caitlyn. Admonishing Xo for her forgetfulness, Melody perfectly represents that one irritating colleague who thinks she’s perfect and believes herself as holier than thou. In your lifetime, you must have come across irksome co-workers right? It’s no wonder turnover rates at companies are so high and of course it’s her who becomes the cause of Xo’s decision to quit! But of course Melody’s real life persona is thoroughly likable but it’s a lot of fun being unpleasant onscreen.

She’s steadily having enchanting inroads on television and was on shows such as “Grandfathered”, “Criminal Minds” and “Angel From Hell”. Coincidentally on “Grandfather”, she played a hippie drummer chick who infuriated the characters of Paget Brewster and Christina Milian. Certainly her love for improv has seen her transitioning into an adept comedienne. This spunky Taiwanese American cutie has an approachable sparkle that we will find inviting for many years to come.

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