Rising Starlet: Kata Sarbó

The elegant Kata Sarbó is a Hungarian-born, London based actress who could soon be shining on our TV screens this week. She stars in “Mars”, the six-part fictional telling of the very first Mars mission by an astronaut crew. This National Geographic mini-series helmed by Ron Howard is acclaimed as groundbreaking thanks to its fascinating meld of scripted drama and a documentary narrative. “Mars” is set to give us an out of this world experience come November 14. Kata has an intense essence in the vein of actresses such as Noomi Rapace and will be another talent from Europe with a cherished standing soon enough.

actress kata sarbo mars© Photographer David Lukacs
actress kata sarbo mars© Photographer David Lukacs

Here’s Kata revealing more about her role in “Mars” as well her other features which saw her work with Ron Howard once more:

In June 2016 , I had the opportunity to work in the Ron Howard production called Mars, a tv series produced by the National Geogpraphic Channel.In Mars I play Ava Macon an astronaut who is also a math savant. She is one of the first astronauts who is part of the first international team who want to go and find the evidence of life existing on Mars. It was a very exciting project for me. I used to read lots of books on cosmology, how the universe, the planets, the Sun and the Earth were born. In the summer time I would just sit outside under the sky at nights and watch the stars for hours… I was amazed by how huge the world is and I remember this very strong feeling of realization how tiny species we are indeed. I actually wanted to be an astronomer at that time.

actress kata sarbo mars scene© National Geographic
actress kata sarbo mars scene© National Geographic

So bringing Ava Macon to life was sort of a dream coming true for me. Identifying myself with her character was challenging for me at the beginning. The film is quite realistic and I had to learn all kinds of special technical terms which I did not know what they actually mean when I first saw the script. But we had three days of an amazing boot camp with a real Nasa astronaut where we learned all kind of things that helped us understand about space research and how real astronauts are. How they are trained to become an astronaut and what the psychological effects could be they need to face and bare during the journey to the red planet.

I had a small but very exiciting part in Inferno, another film directed by Ron Howard. I am playing a gate keeper at the airport of Florence. I was only interacting with two wonderful actors Irrfan Khan and Sidse Babett Knudsen.

Ron Howard is an amazing director and lovely person. He created an easy going and comfortable atmosphere and he was open and very friendly to all his actors. It was such a pleasure to work with him. I used to watch the film Far and Away with great enthusiasm when I was a little girl and when I was casted to Inferno, I was blown away by the fact that I will actually work together with one of my most favourite directors.

actress kata sarbo mars© Photographer David Lukacs
actress kata sarbo mars© Photographer David Lukacs

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