TV Vixens To Crave – 14 November 2016

Clémentine Poidatz in “Mars”

actress clementine poidatz mars

– French beauty Clémentine Poidatz is about to embark on a meteoric rise with her plum role on the Ron-Howard directed mini-series “Mars”.
– She stars as Amelie Durand, a flight surgeon and psychologist who journeys with a crew of astronauts on the first manned mission to Mars in 2033.
– As one of the blossoming belles from France following in the footsteps of Lea Seydoux, Marion Cotillard and Audrey Tautou, Clémentine is primed for worldwide ardor.

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Lusia Strus in “Good Behaviour”

actress lusia strus good behaviour

– The strikingly beautiful Lusia Strus is going to be coveted in the months ahead especially since she’s starring in the thrilling new series “Good Behaviour on TNT”.
– She plays Estelle Rains, the mother of ex-con Letty (Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame) and the two are at loggerheads, forming the crux of the memorably, vivid drama series.
– Her astute talents for delving into the multifarious complexion of women onscreen that at times brims with sauciness makes Lusia a gem.

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Melinda Michael in “Murdoch Mysteries”

actress melinda michael murdoch mysteries

– Melinda Michael is undoubtedly a Canadian Goddess so let’s start fawning on her as she graces the hit show “Murdoch Mysteries” this week.
– Blessed with stunningly exotic features, it’s apt to see her dazzling Toronto during the 1890s on screen yet we already know her to be a genuine enchanter in this era.
– Do check out the Interview I did with the gorgeous Melinda last year. Having sang for Queen Elizabeth II during her Golden Jubilee, she has the innate instincts as an admirable performer.

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Chanel Marriott & Sandra Hinojosa in “Rosewood”

actress chanel marriott rosewood
actress sandra hinojosa rosewood

– When you have 2 rising starlets such as the lovely Chanel Marriott and Sandra Hinojosa on a hit show such as “Rosewood”, it’s a must to give prominence to their captivating traits.
– The entrancing Chanel plays Misty Spencer who is a victim of a perplexing double murder that prompts Rosewood to engage the brightest pathology students in their investigation.
– Having also enthralled us in the dramas “Alison’s Choice” and “Loveology” this year, Chanel is already mesmerising us with her flair as an entertainer.
– Sandra recently had scene-stealing scenes on an episode of “Shameless” and one can confirm this Latin Vixen is endowed with a flawless sex appeal.
– Her guest-starring role on this week’s Rosewood should find endearment with viewers who love their strikingly diverse faces such as the divine Sandra.

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Melanie Papalia in “Travelers”

actress melanie papalia travelers

– Ever the perennial Canadian Sweetheart, Melanie Papalia is effortlessly one of the most desirable women in the industry, her coquettish geniality being a huge attraction.
– Catch the ravishing Melanie in the time-traveling series “Travelers” which sees human consciousness being used to save the world from a terrible future.
– She also can be seen in the western “Hell Of High Water” as Emily, the Texas Hooker who finds a kindred spirit in Chris Pine’s character Toby, a rugged bank robber.

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Jackie Moore in “The Odd Couple”

actress jackie moore the odd couple

– Be sure to watch the enticing Jackie Moore delivering her comedic chops in her guest-star role as Amber on “The Odd Couple” which will definitely garner her avid devotion.
– Jackie’s a certified blonde bombshell yet she’s a talented funny woman having sizzled in “Beginner’s Guide To Sex” and will repeat the feat in next year’s “After School Special”
– Radiating a sexy magnetism whenever she’s on screen and having amassed eye-catching roles across varied genres under her belt, she is going to be a sought after actress indeed.

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