Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 18 October 2016

Jennifer Dorogi in “Break Up Nightmare”

– Actress/Style & Beauty Expert/Host/Producer Jennifer Dorogi exudes a shimmering glow that many of us will gravitate towards with an avid earnestness.
– She’s the leading lady of the thriller “Break-Up Nightmare” as Barbara, a mother who battles to take down her daughter’s nude photos which has been posted on a revenge porn site.
– Known for her dynamic magnetism, Jennifer will appear as a Jinn alongside WWE wrester John Morrison in “Sinbad and the War Of The Furies” which is coming out in December

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Mary Birdsong in “Scream Queens”

actress mary birdsong scream queens

– Mary Birdsong is already being hailed as phenomenal thanks to her standout performance on a rip-roaringly fun episode of “Scream Queens”.
– She guest-stars as Penelope Hotchkiss who has a strange affliction of speaking in numerous foreign tongues and she excels with her linguistic wordplay throughout the episode.
– If you’ve seen her sassiness on the hit show “Masters Of Sex”, it’s time to recognise the dexterous charms of Mary, a witty actress deserving of bountiful praises.

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Leah Bateman in “Little Savages”

actress chanel marriott rosewood

– From “K.C. Undercover” to “Aquarius” and “Rizzoli & Isles”, Leah Bateman has shimmered in a variety of shows that cuts across the genre spectrum.
– She’s also steadily transitioning into an indie darling and her latest feature “Little Savages” has her character in a battle with other kids for a prized hidden treasure.
– We do love the finery of up and coming young talents such as the luscious Leah and she’ll figure nicely in our hearts for years to come.

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Tirra Dent in “Arrow”

actress melanie papalia travelers

– Catch the luscious Tirra Dent in the latest episode of “Arrow” as she’s every bit the vixen as Laura, the skull-wearing criminal who riles up the police.
– Tirra burst into the scene with riveting turns in “Demons In The Dark” and “Glass”, the former as the dangerously sexy BJ, the revengeful prostitute you don’t want to mess with.
– She’s a rising Canadian talent who is conversant with the boldness of the women she has essayed on screen thanks to her extensive theatre background.

Vanessa Ore in “The Vampire Diaries”

actress jackie moore the odd couple

– Don’t miss the lovely Vanessa Ore on the newest episode of “The Vampire Diaries” as Detective Sudano who discovers quite the bloody mess at a murder scene.
– This year she starred as Becky, the devoted wife of a white supremacist in the hard-hitting “Imperium” alongside Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.
– Her star is shining bright with a collection of features in the pipeline from the supernatural to comedies and a series of dramatic shorts coming in 2017.

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