Rising Starlet: Tina Grimm

actress tina grimm scream queens

Sensual model and actress Tina Grimm is on her way to be our crush on the small screen for weeks to come. She has a recurring role on the kooky yet smart TV series “Scream Queens” as Nurse Schultz. After all, the second season has the shenanigans happening inside of a hospital and Tina will enchant us in this week’s episode “Blood Drive” and for a few more thereafter. Considering how the women namely Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis are the epicentre of the gory, relentlessly outrageous “Scream Queens”, she’ll flourish as well. A fixture on the independent scene in the genres of horror and drama, Tina’s transition into mainstream television will allow viewers to get a elaborate impression of her. Having been a Scream Queen in films such as the award winning “Killerdate.com”, “Scarred” and “Katherine”, Tina should be a great fit for a show that has its fair share of lung-bursting shrieks. She’s also an immaculate looker which should go down well with her growing list of admirers.

actress tina grimm scream queens

Do catch Tina in the drama “Joe’s War” where she plays Sarah, the love interest of the leading man Joe (Michael Mankiewicz) who returns from two tours of duty with a PTSD affliction which causes friction in their relationship. Tina excels in her portrayal of a woman who finds the love she’s built with her ideal man comes crumbling down. It’s certainly in line with the spirit of dedication she has as an actress which has paid off with her upcoming stint on “Scream Queens”. In fact, the lovely Tina has already appeared in “The Goldbergs”, “Stitchers”, “Aquarius” and “Mary+Jane”. We are now more than ready to receive her with open arms.

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