TV Vixens To Crave – 25th November 2016

Keiko Agena and Stacey Oristano in “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life”

actress keiko agena gilmore girls
actress stacey oristano gilmore girls

– The “Gilmore Girls” revival series is highly anticipated especially since viewers will be treated to the bonafide returning star of the show Keiko Agena who plays Lane Kim and Stacey Oristano who plays Allie, a new character. Check out the video by Glamour Magazine (above) as the original cast members are put through the ultimate test.
– As Lane, the rock ‘n’ roll rebel rouser best friend of Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel), her story arcs come from a place of truth and Keiko represented her role with resonating distinction.
– She also recently appeared on “Grimm” as a Japanese-American housewife who loses to a tragedy which is more than meets the eye ensuring Keiko’s fandom on television will be a long, prospering one.
– Stacey will actually be stirring up trouble on the Netflix show “Gilmore Girls” and will have scenes with Alexis Bledel which can only spell the sowings of discontent to come.
– Known for her impressive work on “Bunheads” and “Friday Night Lights” which by the way still ranks as one of my favourites, Stacey is endowed with an irrepressible charm that can effortlessly turn heads.

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Janie Brookshire in “Blue Bloods”

actress janie brookshire blue bloods

– The enticing Janie came into the spotlight with her turn in “So Good To See You” alongside Sienna Miller which was a must-see film at this year’s Sundance Film Fest.
– She guest-stars on “Blue Bloods” as Alexis Barnett, a woman whose friend Lindsey is found murdered and reveals that she had led a secret life as a high end escort.
– Janie has such a wholesome appeal and the fun fact that she once appeared on “Dawson’s Creek”, another one of my favourite shows makes her doubly lovable.

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Devin Sidell & Kimberly Wallis in “Pure Genius”

actress devin sidell pure genius
actress kimberly wallis pure genius

– It’s a boon to notice that there are several beautiful faces in the same TV show and both Devin Sidell and Kimberly Wallis will be guest-starring on “Pure Genius” this week.
– The versatile Devin has already made her mark with several fascinating, at times gritty roles on television as well as the Rob Zombie horror flick “31”.
– With her endearing smile, many of us will be fond of Kimberly who has appeared in some of the biggest TV hits in history and was last seen in the mega hilarious “Fresh Of The Boat”.

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Benita Robledo in “Teen Wolf”

actress benita robledo teen wolf

– Since it is the Final Season of “Teen Wolf”, it’s fitting to shine the spotlight on the endearing Benita Robledo who plays Deputy Valerie Clark, Hayden’s older sister who is a chimera. Check out her amazingly spot-on and fun impression of co-star Linden Ashby in Sheriff Stilinski mode in the video (above).
– Besides her TV endeavours, Benita is also notable for being the lead in the award-winning film Dependent’s Day where she delivered a humanistic, enthralling performance.
– Dazzling the small screen twice in a week, look out for this luscious Latina in this week’s episode of the medical drama TV series “Pure Genius”. Yup, Benita is a regular on this blog and she’s deserving of anyone’s obsession.

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