Indie Sweetheart: Jessica Blackmore

actress jessica blackmore the love effect

The photogenic features of Jessica Blackmore is unquestionably a magnet for devotion and she’s already shown her finesse with diverse roles in 2016. From an emotional story about depression and suicide to aquatic horror, we need no incentive to start adoring her. With the world seemingly on a downward spiral, “The Love Effect” delivers a potent message and Jessica is certainly a big part of the film’s inspired advancement of love.

Here’s Jessica talking about her role in “The Love Effect” and her other other projects:

In The Love Effect I portrayed the love interest, Pia. She demonstrated the compassion, joy, and love that Tom clung to after her death. I think Pia is the side in all of us that craves to live in the present. When we live in the present there is only joy because we are truly allowing ourselves to connect with others. Through Pia’s unwavering strength and love, Tom is able to demonstrate that life is worth living to Robbie ( as he struggles with suicidal thoughts). My love for this character and film truly stems from the fact that we have all felt disconnected and questioned life at some point in our journey. Life is found in the moments that we just allow ourselves to breath, and in the compassion/company of other people. I absolutely loved working with Drue, Tyler, and Ari!! These men truly embody The Love Effect and it’s pure message. As far as future work goes, I am mostly working commercially at the moment, but open to further theatrical ventures. I did just get to watch one of my other features called Dam Sharks which was such a fun and hilarious project! 🙂

In “Dam Sharks” which is available on DVD, Jessica plays Kate, a local forest ranger investigating a shark attack but what she discovers is far more horrifying. A massive storm has washed hungry bull sharks into the river and they’ve started building a dam out of human remains in order to trap their prey. The beaver-like behaviour of the sharks certainly adds an interesting curveball to the film and it’s great that we have another female character as the intrepid heroine. Ian Ziering of Sharknado fame would certainly approve and so would Blake Lively of The Shallows fame! With Jessica’s engaging allure, expect similar endorsement from viewers around the world too.

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