Canadian Vixen: Carly Heffernan

actress carly heffernan second jen

The accomplished Canadian actress Carly Heffernan is establishing the impression that female comediennes will always be a big draw. She guest-stars on the comedy series “Second Jen” and she also happens to elicit the laughs in a big way as Nurse Redelle on this week’s episode. Being a Vixen isn’t solely attributed to looks as the ability to make make us chuckle is an attractive facet too. On “Second Jen” where she’s also a writer, Carly is so entertaining as the no-nonsense nurse at the clinic the two Jennifers (Amanda Joy and Samantha Wan) are having their pap smear. Sporting a pregnant belly, her character sternly tells it like it is, from admonishing inconsiderate behaviour to tips on love. Nurses are so very much in trend right now, seeing how they’ve pretty much the core in the new season of “Scream Queens”. Likewise, Carly is in her element as she’s a virtuoso at improv and noted for being a former member of the award winning sketch troupe The Sketchersons. For her to be one of the writers of a TV series such as “Second Jen” that focuses on Asian values of the 2 female leads in modern times is inspiring.

She is regarded fondly for creating four hit revues for the legendary comedy troupe The Second City and has garnered a healthy amount of credits on television. Carly has made appearances on “Spun Out”, “The LA Complex” and a host of comedy shows. With her impressive roots in improv, we can’t wait for what the luminous Carly has in store next.

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