Actress Spotlight: Vanessa Walsh

actress vanessa walsh death of a las vegas showgirl

Our love for Canadian beauties prevails with the foxy and vivacious Vanessa Walsh. She stars in the feature “Death Of A Las Vegas Showgirl” as Lisa, a rival love interest of Debbie Flores Narvaez (Roselyn Sanchez of “Devious Maids” fame) for the affections of promising dancer Jason Blu Griffith. This is a dramatisation of the tragic murder of Las Vegas showgirl Debbie Flores who was found dismembered and stuffed in cement. Love can be so cruel and the relationship between Debbie and Jason was a tumultuous one exacerbated in part to his dalliances with Lisa. Debbie herself felt threatened as the two women fight over a man seemingly undeserving of their relentless passion. As Lisa, Vanessa portrays the off-again, on-again lover of Jason Blu with desirability and the requisite moxie as Debbie’s adversary. One might add she is thoroughly credible as the trigger to what is a sordid tale of betrayal and obsession.

If you’re in the Christmas mood, do check out Vanessa in the festive romantic comedy “Tis The Season For Love”. Now that’s a film with an indelibly mesmerising cast with Vanessa joining fellow Canadian hotties Sarah Lancaster and Jessica Harmon. Recently, she appeared in the TV Movie “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm” on the Hallmark Channel. The gorgeous Vanessa is also notable for her recurring role on the Greek-mythology based series “Olympus” as Alexa, picked by Medea, the wife of King Aegeus (a central figure on the show) to be his courtesan. With several absorbing projects come 2017, this is the opportune moment for Vanessa to shine in the spotlight.

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