TV Vixens To Crave – 30th November 2016

Laura Londoño in “La Ley del Corazón (The Law Of The Heart)”

actress laura londono the law of the heart

– Actress/model Laura Londoño is a sizzling head turner who is the leading lady of the new Colombian legal drama series “La Ley del Corazón (The Law Of The Heart)”. Following this Spanish language show is a breeze on account Laura is such a Goddess.
– She’ll be fervently adored as the leading lady Julia Escallón who has a complicated relationship with Pablo Domínguez, both family law attorneys on the fringes of divorce.
– Having shone as a free-spirited hippie, a rebellious young woman and the wife of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar on film, Laura is steadily mesmerising the world!

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Glynis Davies in “Travelers”

actress glynis davies travelers

– Canadian actress Glynis Davies has a recurring role as Jacqueline Peele, a child protective services officer in the time-travel drama series “Travelers”.
– Already she is becoming a factor in the life of Carly Shannon (Nesta Cooper), an abused stay-home mum who is one of the hosts of the core Traveler team and Jacqueline’s story arc can only get more intriguing so keep tabs on the accomplished Glynis throughout the season.
– Lovely and graceful with subtle hints of sensuality, she is an enchanter on both TV and film, most notably she will star alongside Dianna Agron in “Hollow in the Land”.

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Meredith Thomas in “A Christmas In Vermont”

actress meredith thomas a christmas in vermont

– The vivacious Meredith stars in “A Christmas In Vermont” as Dana, a board member who has some empathy for Riley Thomas (Abigail Hawk) who oversees a painful laying off exercise especially so near to the festive period.
– She will be guest-starring on the comedy series “Swedish Dicks” and with her adorable appeal, this will the opportune moment to start cherishing before she dazzles the year 2017.
– If you’re a horror fan like me, look out for the fetching Meredith in “The Dark Tapes, a genre-defying anthology film that will see her put on the scrubs as a doctor.

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Marion Kerr in “Jane The Virgin”

actress marion kerr jane the virgin

– “Jane The Virgin” continues to present us with a bevy of talented, beautiful women and this week’s episode will see the emergence of Marion Kerr who is a certified doll.
– She’s putting on the habit as Sister Julia who gives a church tour to both Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni).
– Known for her stirring work in indie films such as her role as an American resistance fighter in “Une Libération”, we can’t wait to see more of the charming Marion on TV.

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