Aussie Vixen: Vanessa Moltzen

actress vanessa moltzen hyde and seek

Everyone loves the fascinating rise of Australian actresses and the comely Vanessa Moltzen could soon be a darling of the world. She has appeared in Channel 9’s new drama “Hyde & Seek” as a terrorist’s wife and delves into the popular zombie genre in “Bullets For The Dead”. She’s on her way to enthral audiences in Australian and seeing how she’s has her sights on Hollywood, Vanessa could be following in the footsteps of beloved Aussie talents. As the bereaved wife Linda Hansen of suspected terrorist Eric Hansen on “Hyde & Seek”, she has a pure, relatable appeal that can talk to any viewer’s heart. In the first 2 episodes, we get to witness the journey of her character Linda and the eventuality that she’s marked for death by persons unknown until leading man Gary Hyde (Matt Nable) saves her. Hailing from Brisbane (which will always be a special place for me having spent a chunk of my life there) makes admiring Vanessa all the more pleasing. Addicts of Zombie features will likely have the same passion for her as she stars in the western meets zombies flick “Bullets For The Dead”.

In an intense performance, she plays Annie Blake who leads a gang of outlaws across an apocalyptic land escorted by grizzled bounty hunter James Dalton (Christopher Sommers). As the zombie horde descends upon them, Annie and her band of desperadoes takes extreme measures to survive. Vanessa revels in her role as the minx of The Wild West who could well be one of the more profound anti-heroines; on account she has no qualms in gunning down the elderly. In 2017, she will star alongside acclaimed New Zealand actor Sam Neill in a biopic miniseries about controversial tycoon Alan Bond. With such a high-profile project in the works, things are looking bright for the entrancing Vanessa and I’m rooting for her to amass success in due time.

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