Actress Spotlight: Crystal Allen

actress crystal allen supernatural

Appreciating the Vixens of our World is always a privilege and the gorgeous Crystal Allen sizzles up the small screen this week on “Supernatural”. She’s guest-starring as Roseleen, a groupie who has the hots for rock star Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield). He has been possessed by Lucifer and harbours the desire to go on a wanton killing spree. In order to show her devotion, Roseleen does get cut up by the demented Lucifer and her injuries attract the attention of the Winchester Boys who are on the trail of Lucifer. Crystal remarkably embodied the traumatised aspects of her character who is under his spell despite the emotional and physical pain. Just like this episode ‘Rock Never Dies’, it seems that undying infatuation doesn’t as well. It’s a pleasure to see Crystal alongside Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They make for a hot trio indeed. Just take a look at her Twitter Page. Previously she guest-starred on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” and was also on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Impressively, Crystal’s verve does extend to the world of indie films.

Besides being totally luscious in leather on “Supernatural”, Crystal is also notable for her award-winning role in “Exit Thread”. She stars as Laura, a college professor who happens to be in a love triangle with her friend and student Abby (Hilary Connell). Their indelible magnetism causes Tom (Anthony Shuster), a small-town pastor to be torn between two hearts. An ardor-worthy radiance is certainly a facet that Crystal is endowed with and coupled with her amiable personality, she’s capturing our hearts worldwide.

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