Rising Starlet: Ali Ahn

actress ali ahn the path

The radiant Ali Ahn is acclaimed for her memorable Broadway debut as Susan Johnston, the outspoken best friend of Heidi Holland (played by Elisabeth Moss) in the new revival of Wendy Wasserstein’s The Heidi Chronicles. Now she brings her resonating shimmer to the world of television having starred on the drama series “The Path” on Hulu. She plays Nicole Armstrong, the sister-in-law of Sarah Lane (Michelle Monaghan), a lifelong member of the cult movement called Meyerist who has a world view that it’s corrupting her son. Nicole is heavily pregnant by the way and Ali commendably adds a humanistic side to her especially on episode where she harbours subtle yet desirable feelings for undercover agent (Rockmond Dunbar) as he changes in front of her. We can’t get enough of flawed characters and hers is one of a multitude in “The Path” which focus on the belief system of the Meyerist Movement that everyone is damaged. This is certainly a show worthy of binge-worthy status.

actress ali ahn equity

Talking about binging, Ali also had a recurring role in “Billions” opposite Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. We already know how popular “Billions” has been with viewers which is an immense reason to catch the admirable Ali in it. Come Dec 13th, the film “Equity” will mark its release on Amazon and DVD so we can catch glimpses of Ali alongside leading lady Anna Gunn. Having amass positive reviews, “Equity” is a powerhouse thriller about scandal and corruption in the financial world. The major players are all women trying to make careers in a man’s world making the female-centric film a must-watch. That also means turning our fondness on for Ali who is on the ascendency with a succession of plum roles. This talented Asian American actress could well be one of this industry’s blossoming gem.

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