Sizzling Actresses To Adore @ Whistler Film Festival 2016

Caleigh Le Grand in “Red Mile”

actress caleigh le grand red mile

– It’s such a visual bliss to watch Canada’s finest indie talents and the captivating Caleigh Le Grand will amp up the thrills at this year’s Whistler Film Festival.
– She’s starring in “Red Mile” as Amy, a woman who tries to help her boyfriend with the mystery of how he ended up with a dead woman after his drug-induced slumber.
– Caleigh has an intense allure very much in the same vein as Tatiana Maslany of “Orphan Black” and we do desire to see her bring that foxy dynamism to our TV screens one day too.

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Lucy Owen in “Miss Sloane”

actress lucy owen miss sloane

– Her wonderful track record on TV of appearing on hit shows such as “Billions”, “The Good Wife” and “Elementary” reflects the ever-growing appeal of Lucy Owen.
– The effervescent Lucy blossoms on the big screen alongside Jessica Chastain who plays the titular coveted lobbyist in the French-American political thriller “Miss Sloane”.
– She is best known for starring in “The Mend” as Andrea, the disgruntled wife of Mat (Josh Lucas) in their realistic take of a couple who can’t resolve their domestic problems.

Lisa Durupt in “The Goodnight Kiss” & Director Laura Adkin

actress lisa durupt the goodnight kiss
actress laura adkin the goodnight kiss

– Laura Adkin and Lisa Durupt are the esteemed double act of the short film “The Goodnight Kiss”, an enthralling look at relationships that doesn’t necessarily mean a happy ending.
– Thanks to the brilliant Laura for crafting a grounded story rooted in the complexities of the heart and for the equally accomplished Lisa for bringing to life such a relatable character.
– Having dazzled us in films such as “Preggoland” and in the TV Movie “Murder, She Baked” franchise, don’t miss the delectable Lisa in “Operation Christmas” this holiday period.

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Christy Romano in “Bear With Us”

actress christy romano bear with us

– Billed as one of the smartest horror comedies this year, Christy Romano excels at embracing her character quirks as Quincy in the delightfully farcical “Bear With Us”.
– Revered as one of the IT Girls of the Disney Dynasty, she’s actually quite the versatile actress having enamoured herself to audiences across multiple genres.
– Look out for Christy to embody the festive spirit in 2 family comedies namely “Christmas with the Andersons” and “Christmas All Over Again” in the month of December.

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Natalie Krill in “Below Her Mouth”

actress natalie krill below her mouth

– LGBT features are all the rage and it is a great indication of the inclusiveness of society as viewers connect with Natalie Krill’s character Jasmine in “Below Her Mouth”.
– As the perfectionist Jasmine, the stunning Natalie add layers of intrigue as the woman who re-evaluates her life choices after tumbling into a passionate affair with Dallas (Erika Linder).
– 2016 was also a big year for Natalie with her meaty recurring role on “Wynonna Earp” as well as guest-starring on “Beauty And The Beast” and “Houdini & Doyle”.

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Naomi Snieckus in “Kiss And Cry”

actress naomi snieckus kiss and cry

– As the respectable P.E teacher Bobbi in “MR D”, Noami Snieckus is a revelation as she effortlessly elicits the laughs in Season 6 and brings smiles to fans of the show.
– Already a classy comedienne, don’t miss Naomi in the tearjerker “Kiss and Cry” as she flexes her dramatic chops in the tragic tale of Carley Allison, a victim of a rare cancer.
– With her down to earth charisma and impeccable comic timing, it’s apt that she’s spreading the festive cheer in the Christmas comedy TV movie “Holiday Joy” come December 8th.

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