Indie Sweetheart: Danielle Baker

actress danielle baker oh the effing horror

Indie horror is blessed with the most enticing talents and the ravishing Danielle Baker has the bewitching looks to She stars in “Oh, The Effing Horror” which is screening at the Northeast Film Festival – Horror Fest starting Dec 7th. As Luci Fuer, she’s on a camping date but with a killer on the loose, will the love fest be literally cut short? “Oh, The Effing Horror” does suggests there’s bound to be some tongue-in-cheek humor and with a delectable leading lady such as Danielle, this is a horror comedy short that would be ardently approved.

actress danielle baker sexy

Danielle also appeared in “The Before Time”, the found footage film steeped in Native American mythology. This is spiritual lore that should be messed with but of course two two crews blissfully ignore the dangers and head into the desert to shoot a reality show based on a buried Navajo treasure.

Here’s Danielle giving us an insight into her character in “The Before Time”:

“The Before Time” was so much fun to film! The location was incredible and the cast and crew were extremely supportive and a blessing to work with. My role as Cate was so much fun to play because of her outgoing and carefree attitude. It’s not often in films or TV that you get to play directly to camera so being that I was a reporter and got to do so, it was a nice change. I loved her willingness to go after what she wanted but without being a “Bitch”.

She starred alongside Jules Hartley who has actually visited my home in Singapore and I would love if Danielle drop by for a visit someday. In the near future, let’s hope the very foxy Danielle gets to sizzle up the indie scene in even more interesting projects.

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