Enchanting Indie Darlings @ Culver City Film Festival 2016

Carrie Finklea in “Like A Rolling Stone” & “A Fish Story”

actress carrie finklea like a rolling stone

– In attendance at the Culver City Film Festival with 2 of her films gracing the event, the beguiling Carrie Finklea is ethralling us both and off screen.
– Carrie directs/stars in her 1st short “A Fish Story” and her 2nd one “Like A Rolling Stone” sees her character pushed to the limits after getting lost in the wilderness.
– Just like in the survival horror flick “Quarries”, she has the finesse to be stirringly credible in the guises of women who face insurmountable odds.

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Jennifer Hall & Lilan Bowden in “Dicky Sledgehammer: The Case of Sunday Stone”

actress jennifer hall dicky sledgehammer
actress lilan bowden dicky sledgehammer

– Jennifer Hall and Lilan Bowden are bound to illuminate the noirish short “Dicky Sledgehammer” about a bungling detective unable to solve even the simplest of cases.
– While Jennifer is ever the luscious lady as Cindy, the slinky moll of a criminal, Lilan plays Detective Yew from the LAPD with hilarious aplomb and a manic wig.
– In 2017, the lovable Lilan is set to be a TV star with her role as the impulsive Bex Mack who turns her sister Andi’s life upside won on the Disney channel show “Andi Mack”.
– Don’t miss the beguiling Jennifer Hall alongside Al Sapienza (“The Sopranos” fame) in “Meat”, the TV movie about a priest trying to save his brother from the clutches of the mob.

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Jamie Bernadette in “Face Of Evil”

actress jamie bernadette face of evil

– Having won Best Actress as leading lady Joey Taylor in the thrilling “The 6th friend”, Jamie Bernadette should be hailed as one of the hottest faces on the indie horror scene.
– An absolute doll on and off camera, Jamie stars in “Face Of Evil” as Katy who together with her brother come under the threat of zombies when a breakout occurs at their party.
– Her ability to inject vulnerability in her roles makes her a must watch so do catch Jamie in fantasy flick “Sinbad And The War Of The Furies” which is out now on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

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Suziey Block in “The Shickles”

actress suziey block the shickles

– With “The Shickles” being visually interesting with kooky, lovable characters, it’s no surprise to see the accomplished Suziey Block adds her own colorful appeal to the comedy.
– Genuinely captvating, Suziey proved her mettle in her challenging role as Margot Shickles who is wrestling with the emotional travails of love.
– Already an award-wining actress, she’s regarded as a delectable indie sweetheart who has made her mark on both the horror and comedy genres.

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