Actress Spotlight: Rebecca Henderson

actress rebecca henderson rectify

An endearing sweetheart who has lit up the Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals, Rebecca Henderson replicates her charismatic essence on television. She guest-stars alongside Abigail Spencer on this week’s episode of “Rectify”. She plays Jenny Paar, a friend of Abigail’s Amantha Holden who together have an uncomfortable history. Their reunion at Thrifty town where Amantha works is however more cordial with a tinge of sadness coupled with lively humor. As Jenny, Rebecca sports the peroxide blonde look as she enlivens the girl-to-girl talk with Amantha with such witty banter, it’s no wonder Rebecca is warmly regarded as an indie darling. She elevated the poignant moment between old friends into one so pleasant to take in for any viewer and affirmed she’s quite the consummate funny woman.

actress rebecca henderson rectify

She did captivate a multitude of hearts in the lesbian rom-com “Appropriate Behavior” as Maxine whose break up with her girlfriend Shirin sparks a period of romantic angst within her lover. Rave reviews poured in with many citing the character she essayed have a life of their own that extends long after the film ends. Rebecca was also eye-catching in the Sundance short film as Danielle, the star of a play who attracts the attention of a young actress (Taylor Hess) and the two end up spending the night together. Their relationship however is not based on common interests but rather of a love that requires nurturing. Together with her co-star “Appropriate Behavior”, Rebecca is easily one of most favorite indie starlets. If you feel a growing passion for her, do see her in the play “Icebergs” by Alena Smith at the Geffen Playhouse which runs until Dec 18th. Efficaciously engaging, the radiant Rebecca is slated to become one of the finest Canadian talents to grace the film and television world.

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