Indie Darling: Sheril Rodgers

actress sheril rodgers sexy

It’s no secret that indie actresses are close to my heart and Sheril Rodgers is fueling the passion with her diverse array of roles. She stars in the creepy “Dead Story” as Martha who might just be the mother in law from hell. That’s on top of a malevolent entity that’s targeting Anne Harris (Kelsey Deanne), her new daughter in law and driving her down insane street. The age old adage of ‘Misfortunes never come singly’ applies here and Sheril excels as the physical antagonist as the non-corporeal threat starts to manifest in the house. With an impending madness taking over the unfortunate Anne, are we in for unforeseen supernatural twists come the film’s release on 20th January? Sheril herself has been part of several intense films none more so than the gender bending psychological slasher “Snake With A Human Tail”. She had memorable scenes with the lead Sheri Davis who portrays the transgender prostitute with a thirst for vengeance. A reviewer even extolled her as a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like and why not when Sheril is such a silver-haired fox we should start embracing.

actress sheril rodgers dead story

One only needs to gaze at her photos on the red carpet at film festivals to see that she’s inviting and her cordial nature should gain her much love too. Sheril has adroitly immersed herself in characters such as a senator, a newscaster and even a ghost from the 1800s! Sheril’s timeless appeal allows her the expanse to take on women of any era. With her background in musical theatre, she’s also excelled as a singer songwriter. The women of indie films and television are luscious ladies who i consider as my heroines and Sheril is an entertainer who is steadily piquing our interest.

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