The Must Watch Actresses This Christmas Season 2016 – Part 2

Julia Parker in “Girlfriends Of Christmas Past”

actress julia parker girlfriends of christmas past

– Julia Parker has a multitude of endearing facets accentuated by a subtle sensuality and she’s a vision of angelic radiance in “Girlfriends of Christmas Past”.
– She dazzles as Fran, the caring mother of Livvy (Tammin Sursok of “Pretty Little Liars” fame) who plots the ultimate revenge on her cheating partner just days before Christmas.
– Blessed with an enigmatic allure, Julia has roles in a fascinating line-up of upcoming features that will have her passionately embedded in our hearts.

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Helene Udy in “A Husband For Christmas”

actress helene udy a husband for christmas

– The stunning Helene Udy is ready to make your Christmas season a glittering one as she makes a desirable mark on TV screens this week.
– She stars as Gwen in the festive romantic comedy “A Husband For Christmas” alongside Vivaca A. Fox and she looks positively radiant in the feel-good trailer (above).
– Famed for her roles in television and horror films, Helene is the irresistible temptation with the everlasting flair for keeping audiences engagingly fixated.

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Farrah Aviva in “Sound Of Christmas” and “Marry Matrimony”

actress farrah aviva sound of christmas

– With her fetching smile gracing 2 Christmas features, this is the opportune period to show our affection for the multi-talented Canadian Vixen Farrah Aviva.
– She stars alongside Lindy Booth in “Sound Of Christmas” and is ever the adorable beauty as Megan, assistant of unlucky in love Brie (Jessica Lowndes) in “Merry Matrimony”.
– Eye-catchingly pleasing in shows such as “Mistresses”, “The Magicians”, “Aftermath” and surely on “iZombie” in 2017, Farrah could blossom into one of TV’s sweetest starlets.

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Kathleen Gati in “Christmas With The Andersons”

actress kathleen gati christmas with the andersons

– Her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Digital Drama Series and her wealth of seven Best Actress awards is indicative of the exceptional qualities of Kathleen Gati.
– A sensation on film, the web and on television in the long-running hit soap opera “General Hospital”, we can’t help but be fascinated by Kathleen and those mesmerizing blue eyes.
– She is set to fill your month of December with wonderment as she stars alongside Christy Romano in the enjoyable family comedy “Christmas With The Andersons”

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Sara Botsford in “Christmas Incorporated”

actress sara botsford christmas incorporated

– As Marilla of “Anne Of Green Gables”, Sara Botsford delivered a riveting yet more grounded performance as the once bitter woman who opens her heart to the cheery orphan Anne.
– She’ll catch our attention once more opposite Shenae Grimes-Beech in the festive drama “Christmas Incorporated” that’s about finding the true meaning of Christmas.
– A Canadian icon, the Gemini award winning Sara navigates the complexities of the many roles she’s done with sterling elegance making her a beloved screen siren.

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