Canadian Vixen: Lisa Marie DiGiacinto

actress lisa marie digiacinto sexy

Canadian talents and television are a match made in heaven so going on an affection drive for the foxy Lisa Marie DiGiacinto is essential. She appears alongside Eric McCormack on the sci-fi series “Travelers” as a flight attendant on a doomed airplane with him where he’s trying to save his wife Kathryn (Leah Cairns). Those who love sassy characters will enjoy her uncompromising character’s verbal sparring with Eric’s Grant McLaren, the team leader of the consciousness inhabiting time travelers. Could Time Travel be the new craze worldwide with other shows such as “Timeless” and “Frequency” operating on a similar premise. We would love to see Lisa invigorate both those shows someday too. She has however recently been on “Van Helsing” as Jennifer, the loving wife of Flesh, who was one of the very first people turned into a ravenous vampire. He however lived with the guilt of brutally killing his loved ones after being returned to human form due to his bite on Vanessa Helsing (Kelly Overton). Next year, we get to see her on “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” alongside Lisa Edelstein and we have to admit the duo would make a pair of sultry brunettes indeed.

actress lisa marie digiacinto sexy travelers

“Supernatural” fans would have seen her as Mrs. Frieling, the woman who has a ‘special’ arrangement with her recently deceased husband to see other people both emotionally and sexually. That startling revelation bemused Castiel and the Winchester Boys in one of the more humorous episodes of Season 8. With her inviting presence steadily growing on TV, Lisa could be in line for a wave of adoration.

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