Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 14th December 2016

Nadine Nicole Heimann in “Scorpion”

actress beth lacke frequency

– This week’s enchanter Nadine Nicole Heimann enthralls viewers as Beth, a woman who gets trapped in the deathly bowels of La Brea Tar Pits on the new episode of “Scorpion”.
– The predicament for Beth who finds herself running out of oxygen is a harrowing one and the very attractive Nadine depicts Beth’s will to survive with a gallant spirit.
– In the must-see short film “Lonely Planet”, she’s proven to be a captivating romantic leading lady with dramatic eloquence in her award-winning role as Julia.

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Erin Fogel in “The Strike”

actress erin fogel the strike

– With the worldwide multi-platform release of her film “The Strike” on Dec 13, Erin Fogel delights from start to finish as Molly Mirovsky, a failed NYC actor with a plan to attain fame.
– Not only is Erin the leading lady of “The Strike”, she’s also the executive producer of this lively female-driven comedy of trying to find success in the entertainment industry.
– A witty funny woman, she’s certainly enlivening the comedy scene and has also appeared alongside Sutton Foster on the hit show “Younger”.

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Jessica Sonneborn & Suzi Lorraine in “One Night Of Fear”

actress jessica sonneborne one night of fear
actress suzi lorraine one night of fear

– We’ve always been drawn to Jessica Sonneborn and Suzi Lorraine for the longest time as they mesmerize us once more in the camping trip slasher “House Of Fear”.
– Vibrantly delectable on film, the wonderful Jessica dazzles in the piercing vulnerability of Katie, the heroine who encounters a most sadistic killer.
– Suzi may play the sarcastic card as Jaclyn a woman with a traumatic past yet we can’t help but be fixated on her as she’s clearly a Sex Symbol of horror films.

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Annette Wozniak in “Secret Santa”

actress annette wozniak secret santa

– This hot list of wonderful women is truly a beautiful one when there’s a Canadian Vixen such as Annette Wozniak who has definitely lit up the horror world in 2016.
– A doll of an actress, Annette delivers festive cheer and awkward comic sensuality as Nicole in the horror comedy “Secret Santa”, endearing herself to viewers this Christmas.
– I was blessed to get this interview with her and having appeared recently on the haunting “Paranormal Witness”, we can’t wait to see more of her exquisiteness on our TV screens.

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