The Must Watch Actresses This Christmas Season 2016 – Part 3

Francine Locke in “Christmas Ranch”

actress francine locke christmas ranch

– A superlative talent on film and television, Francine Locke has a tangibly engaging appeal that comes form a place of truth whenever she takes to the screen.
– In “Christmas Ranch”, she wonderfully embody the tenets of realism for her character Mary Evans whose ranch is facing foreclosure until her grand-daughter steps in to save it.
– Francine notably appeared on “Nashville” with such modest grace as Sandra Barkley, mum to Avery Barkley who is the husband of Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere).

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Alexandra Boylan in “Wish For Christmas”

actress alexandra boyland wish for christmas

– Both on and off screen, Alexandra Boylan is consistently fascinating, having shone in multiple genres on films such as “Catching Faith”, “Home Sweet Home”as well as “Teechers”.
– Alexandra showcases her talent as the writer and funny woman of the heartwarming film “Wish For Christmas” where she’s captivatingly sweet as the legal assistant Rebekah.
– Flying the flag for enthralling female-driven stories on both divides of the camera and with them touching the hearts of the masses, she’s bringing joy around the world.

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Nancy Stafford in “Christmas For A Dollar”

actress nancy stafford christmas for a dollar

– Christmas is a holiday where spirits are often uplifted and so we shall by being treated to the eminent performance of the vibrant Nancy Stafford in “Christmas For A Dollar”
– Being the pivotal figure in the drama set during The Great Depression, she’s hugely impressive as Mrs. Rathbone whose absorbing story arc will surprise audiences.
– Nancy has several upcoming films in the pipeline, one being the fantasy TV Movie “A Mermaid’s Tale” alongside Jerry O’Connell that should make her eternally endearing.

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