Catherine Lidstone

actress catherine lidstone christmas on salvation street

With Christmas only a few days away, festive movies are all the rage and so will be the women who get us into this most celebratory mood. The exquisite Catherine Lidstone who stars in “Christmas On Salvation Street” is definitely adore-worthy and she’s a vision of affability throughout the heartfelt film.

Here’s Catherine talking about her role on “Christmas On Salvation Street” and her other projects:

Salvation Street was a coming of age film for my character Alexa, an adopted daughter of a pastor who decides to uproot his family after the death of his wife and do God’s work in a community that desperately needed his intervention. I’m currently starring in a web series called “Ask J” about a futuristic Internet world and all of the interesting characters that inhabit it.

In “Ask J” Catherine is adorable as and you will love how she accentuates her character Genevieve with a measure of feisty attitude.

actress catherine lidstone sizzling cutie

Next year, she has a supporting role in the thriller “Headlock” alongside Dianna Agron, one of my screen heroines. She will appear as a nurse while Dianna stars as a fearless wife of a CIA recruit on life support due to a serious injury. Indie horror fans should look out for her in “Hell Mountain” which has element of Little Red Riding Hood and other Grim fairy tales. With her stature as a singer-songwriter, voiceover artist, dancer, model and host on top of being a beloved screen talent, the enticing Catherine is more than capable of being a demigoddess in her own right.

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