Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 22nd December 2016

Alycia Grant in “Code Black”

actress alycia grant code black

– We do carry a torch for the most ebullient faces on TV and Alycia Grant has the requisite charms that has a degree of vulnerability which she utilizes to great effect on screen.
– Alycia guest stars on “Code Black” as Tina, a patient on the brink of death caused by an aortic aneurysm until the intervention of Dr. Leanne Rorish (Marcia Gay Harden) as well as the fast response of Dr. Noa Kean (Emily Tyra) and Dr Mario Savetti (Benjamin Hollingsworth).
– She’s also notable for her recurring role in “Chasing Life” as Meg, a member of the cancer support group who helps Italia Ricci’s cancer-stricken April Carver in her time of need.

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Mercedes Manning in “Other Halves”

actress mercedes manning other halves

– With her killer looks, it’s no surprise Mercedes Manning is heating up the indie horror flick “Other Halves” which tells of a killer app that makes users lose their inhibitions.
– As Jasmine, the sassy boss of the team of programmers working on the evil-influencing app, she radiates a sensual confidence befitting her sultry, power driven character in this hypnotic satirical take on our addiction to technology.
– She has also appeared in the drama “Zipper” which premiered at last year’s Sundance as the lawyer who challenges her superior, a skirt-chasing lothario played by Patrick Wilson.

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Lexi Giovagnoli in “A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale”

actress lexi giovagnoli A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale

– The inviting Lexi Giovagnoli is a perennial enchanter and her loveliness is set tug our heart strings aplenty this Christmas season as the leading lady of “A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale”.
– She’s a must watch as the egocentric Luce Lockhart who is on a holiday job walking a rich developer’s dog and discovers that she needs to shed her selfish ways in order to help her newfound friends, both furry and human.
– Delightful on so many levels, Lexi is fast becoming a screen sweetheart with her luminously engaging turns in films such as “Accidentally Engaged” and “All Hallow’s Eve”.

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