Meg Steedle

actress meg steedle code black

Every now and then, a face captures our attention in the most bewitching fashion and Meg Steedle is undeniably a scene stealer. She guest stars on “Code Black” as Dr. Kelly Pruitt, a doctor at Peterson Resident Center where patients from Angels Memorial are being accommodated due to a blackout. This throws up the inevitable conflict brought about by egos and yet the story arc of Dr Kelly has its principles on the value of teamwork from opposing camps. Just like at Angels, she’s overworked with the influx of patients and has to rely on the astuteness of Dr Angus Leighton (Harry Ford) to save a patient who is dangerously close to expiring due to low potassium. In the moments following the gripping incident, it seems that might be a romance brewing between Dr Kelly and Dr Angus. With Meg’s comely disposition, it’s easy to see how she’s very much desired and she is quite the enchanting jewel on the screen as the amiable Dr Kelly.

actress meg steedle code black

Her presence on television has certainly been a sparkling one with standout roles as Billie Kent on “Boardwalk Empire” and Francesca ‘Frankie’ Pulaski on “The Mysteries Of Laura”. From a bubbly gangster moll to a young impressionable eager beaver detective, she’s a prodigious talent when it comes to assuming such vibrant women and it’s only a matter of time before Meg is headlining her own series. One only has to look at her appearance on “Nightlight”, the music video by alt-rock band Silversun Pickups to find she has can enlivening act of a cinematic piece. She’s quite the sexy force of nature as a woman seeking vengeance in this energetic rock anthem.

In 2017, this easy on the eyes actress can be seen on the Jim Carrey created comedy series “I’m Dying Up Here”. It will star celebrated thespian Melissa Leo and delves into the colorful inhabitants of the stand-up comedy scene. The breakdown of her role goes something like this – ‘Big-breasted woman and flaunts it’. That alone should get her a rapturous reception and we can’t wait to be under her spell once more.

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