Kera O’Bryon

actress kera o'bryon christmas ranch

Blue-eyed beauty Kera O’Bryon is an accomplished actress and singer endowed with an elegant visage. She’s starring in “Christmas Ranch” as Erin Powers who seeks to list the ranch of Mary Evans (played by Francine Locke whom I featured recently) who unfortunately has been late in making her loan repayments. Her character Erin is certainly in no mood to be festive towards Mary even going as far as bumping up the loan and putting a Christmas Eve deadline for payment. As the harsh banker Erin, Kera decisively portrays her with a business-like candor and we can envision she’s out to ruin Christmas. Of course, there’s always a silver lining when times are tough as the heartwarming tale channels the Christmas spirit. In any captivating movie, someone has to be an anti-heroine and Kera is soundly adept in her bad girl role.

actress kera o'bryon enchanting

She is appearing in a number of indie projects both this year and the next. Being a horror fan, her supporting role in “Night of Something Strange” warrants a mention seeing how she has the best line as Sue, the convenience store owner who berates the group of high school friends. Kera’s versatility comes to the fore as she also starred in “Regen” as Tishia Morris. the mum of the titular Regen who is based on the real-life boy who suffered from a rare and painful neurological disease. She went on to take on motherly duties once more in “The Compass” as Amy, the mum of a boy who seems lost in life. If you’re partial to British actress Ruth Wilson of “The Affair” fame then taking a fancy to Kera should come naturally as she has those similarly mesmeric eyes. Look out for her to be a fascinating watch in the months ahead.

Do check out the Kera O’Bryon Official Site for all the latest updates.

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