Kelly Washington

actress kelly washington z nation

A young enchantress destined for stardom, Kelly Washington is steadily gaining buzz on television and film. She recently guest-starred on “Z-Nation” as Lucy Murphy whom she so endearingly alludes to as a zombie smurf nugget! In the Season 3 Finale, it ends on a cliffhanger with Lucy being taken hostage once more. She is of course the progeny of half-zombie Murphy and the woman Serena who is 100% human. Besides her blue skin, she also experiences massive growth spurts which has plateaued to her current state of about 18 years of age. Kelly commendably instills in Lucy a benevolent nature as well as a feisty edge very much like her dad Murphy who might have just met his maker. Will we see Kelly reprise her role in Season 4 of the beloved SyFy series “Z-Nation”?

Her previous stint on TV includes a guest spot on “Parks and Recreations”. She can be seen alongside Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman as a high school student leading the Prom committee facing budget limits and works with the Parks department to overcome the challenges. She went on to appear in the hit comedy “The Middle” which is going on strong into its 8th Season. Having graduated from Upright Citizens Brigade, Kelly is flexing her comedic chops to beguiling effect and in my opinion, she could add vibrant levity to a show like “Modern Family” or “The Big Bang Theory”.

actress kelly washington z nation

On the big screen she will be starring in “Trafficked” as Sara, a girl who together with 2 others from Nigeria and India are forcefully coerced into a global sex trafficking ring. The impressive cast include Ashley Judd, Elisabeth Röhm, Anne Archer and Patrick Duffy in this tragic tale of enslavement than in reality is a pervasive blight on our world. Kelly is also known for her work on “Jurassic World” as the girlfriend of Zach, a nephew of Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire. She also caught the eye as the spoiled teen Chloe Malone who has to learn some tough life lessons in “Edge of Salvation”. With her at the cusp of fandom, the divine Kelly is certainly heading for the limelight.

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