Courtney Halverson

actress courtney halverson criminal minds

The swoon-worthy Courtney Halverson enchanted audiences in 2016 in quite the riveting fashion on television screens. In her guest-starring role on “Criminal Minds” as Cheryl ‘Cherry’ Rollins, a woman who is kidnapped by a masked Unsub with huge daddy issues, she handled the physical and emotional strains with a plucky grit. Being strung up by her two arms for most of the episode has to be strenuous and she commendably essays the plight of Cherry whose life is in the hands of a demented serial killer. At the mercy of the maladjusted young man Kevin Decker (Chris Owen), Cherry has to use all her wits to survive including conversing with her captor and Courtney competently navigates Cherry’s anxiousness that’s filled with impending dread. In the shoes of the central character of the episode ‘Scarecrow’, Courtney impressively depicts the vestiges of fighting to stay alive.

Previously, she appeared on the 3rd Season of “Murder In The First” Stacie Bader who has a genuine concern for her room-mate with ties to a homicide investigation led by Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) and Terry English (Taye Diggs). She helps to shed some light on the disappearance of her friend. Courtney also dazzled in her recurring role on “True Detective” as Laura Osterman, the daughter of jewellery store owners murdered for diamonds by corrupt police officers. She did get her revenge on one of the men responsible, the crooked Ben Caspere who in a twist of fate happens to be her biological father! Courtney certainly has the instincts to pull off layered characters and catching up the fine work by this amazing talent keeps me hooked as will many who follow her.

actress courtney halverson fashion blogger

Courtney is also a popular fashion blogger with a huge following on her instgram where she extols the finery of vintage clothing and more. Being a blogger myself, I feel blessed to be able to laud the positive influences Courtney has brought to the world of entertainment. Since my blog is about obsession, of course I love having a read of the section current obsession’s on Courtney’s pretty little fawn blog. She’s already a chic trendsetter so expect Courtney Halverson to be a most desirable fashion and screen muse too.

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