Ellen Dorrit Petersen

actress ellen dorrit petersen shelley

Ellen Dorrit Petersen is Norway’s jewel of the film industry who is steadily becoming an immensely captivating storyteller. Now everyone can be awed by her mesmeric performance in “Shelley” which has put her on the map when it comes to the women of world cinema. I’m blessed to be able to marvel at the complexity she consistently delivers onscreen and be able to praise such an established Norwegian film star. Technology and social media have bridged the gap and even here in Asia we can get to appreciate the wonders of Nordic Screen Sirens. Ellen has often been lauded as the Nordic Jessica Lange and in a similar vein Ellen commendably channels the edgy fragility of the characters she’s taken on. Her distinctive alabaster pallor sets her apart, a face many would find potently fascinating.

As Louise in “Shelley”, the barren mother who enters a pact with her Romanian maid Elena (Cosmina Stratan), Ellen’s quiet intensity reminds us of her indelible talents. The story arc of Louise is hauntingly perfect just as much as the demonic forces haunting Elena reaching a tragic crescendo by the film’s end. She’s shown her dramatic depth when it comes to the study of the human psyche as she’s showcased previously in “Blind” where she won a Best Actress Award at the Norwegian International Film Festival.

actress ellen dorrit petersen acquitted

A cerebral actress, Ellen is also making waves on Norwegian television with her leading role in “Aber Bergen” as legel eagel Lea Bergen Wessel. She’s also starring on the series “Frikjent” a.k.a “Acquitted” which sees a Norwegian businessman acquitted of murder in Kuala Lumpur where Ellen has a more nurturing role. With Ellen headlining a number of features, she’ll likely garner global acclaim in no time. Nordic actresses are certainly coveted with Swedish actress Noomi Rapace now a mainstay in Tinseltown so it’s time Hollywood take a shine on the Norwegian Acting Gem Ellen Dorrit Petersen.

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